Read Run for Something's candidate spotlight of Amanda

Run for Something endorsed Amanda’s campaign for Indiana State House in March. Today, Run for Something published a candidate spotlight of Amanda on Medium. The article features many insightful questions, and you can read a brief excerpt here:

If you could change one thing in politics today what would it be?
I would love to see a move away from hyperpartisanship and toward greater collaboration. Even holding tightly to your beliefs and principles, as a public servant, it is your duty to sometimes make compromises to accomplish things for your constituents. If you can’t achieve exactly the policy or ultimate outcome you are seeking, but you can move things in a positive direction for your constituents, then you should take that course. However, you must always continue to advocate and move the needle toward your ultimate goals over time.”

You can read the rest of the interview on Medium.

Why Now

Amanda is building a winning Democratic campaign to turn District 49 blue. This district has been uncontested since 2006, but the time is right for new leadership. From education to healthcare to the environment, Indiana needs new perspectives, and Amanda is seeking to represent those at the statehouse.

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