Goshen Community Schools Back-to-School Plan

Last night, Dr. Hope and others presented the back-to-school plan for Goshen Community Schools. While the pandemic has created an incredibly fluid situation, the entire Goshen Schools team has done very detailed work to get students back in our buildings this fall while decreasing time spent in those buildings and limiting the number of individuals that students and staff will interact with. All of this work will go a very long way to keep our teachers, support staff, and students safe, while also getting students back in a school routine.

Another important feature of Goshen’s plan is that we have prepared for many contingencies. While we are currently planning to return to school with Course 3, which is the plan that was presented in detail last night, the school system has created five potential courses of action, with Course 1 being school as normal and Course 5 being all online instruction. Depending on the situation in our community, our county, or the greater region, Goshen Schools may pivot to a different plan.

John Kline with Goshen News has written up a detailed story on the plan, and more information will be available on the Goshen Schools website today.

Dr. Hope is encouraging anyone with questions and concerns to reach out to him directly, and his contact information is in the linked article. School board members, myself included, would also love to hear from you.

If you’d like to hear the presentation yourself, you can watch the video on YouTube here.

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