Watch Amanda in a national video celebrating Women’s Equality Day!

On the heels of a Democratic Convention that led with the inspiring voices of emerging leaders, Run for Something is celebrating Women’s Equality Day with a video featuring 30 RFS-endorsed women who are asking other women to run as well. Amanda Qualls is proudly featured as one the speakers, encouraging other women to step up and lead in their communities.

Watch the video and be inspired!

“We asked our female candidates to share why they thought it was important to run and what advice they would give women who were thinking about running,” said RFS co founder and executive director Amanda Litman. “Their answers remind me of why we started RFS to begin with: Because these women and so many others like them are the real leaders, titled or not. But even with all the progress we’ve made, women are under-represented at every level of government. Our hope is these incredible women inspire others to run themselves. Watch the video: Our candidates and alumni will get you pumped up and ready to take on the challenges of securing your seat at the table.”

RFS Candidates and Alums Featured:

  • Emily Weber—Candidate, MO House District 24
  • Rep. Erin Zwiener—TX House District 45
  • Madinah Wilson-Anton—Candidate, DE House District 26
  • Tamisha Civil—Candidate, MA House, Norfolk District 6
  • Luisa Santos—Candidate, Miami-Dade School Board
  • Jessica Harrington—Candidate, FL House District 64
  • Jessica Benham—Candidate, PA House District 36
  • Shanna Danielson—Candidate, PA Senate District 31
  • Amanda Qualls—Candidate, IN House District 49
  • Lydia Bean—Candidate, TX House District 93
  • Francesca Hong—Candidate, WI Assembly District 76
  • Elizabeth Madeira—Candidate, TN House District 63
  • Sarah Crawford—Candidate, NC Senate District 18
  • Iman Jodeh—Candidate, CO House District 41
  • Natali Hurtado—Candidate, TX House District 126
  • Lindsey Daugherty—Candidate, CO House District 29
  • Joanna Bryn Smith—Candidate, PA House 120th District
  • Lindsey Constance—Candidate, KS Senate District 10
  • Rachel Willis—Candidate, KS Senate District 20
  • Samra Brouk—Candidate, NY Senate District 55
  • Emily Nicholson—Candidate, NC House District 1
  • Rep. Jen O’Mara—PA House District 165
  • Mindy Kimmel—Candidate, MN House District 16B
  • Brittney Rodas—Candidate, PA House District 105
  • Rep. Gina Calanni—TX House District 132
  • Julia Hurtado—Candidate, Cobb County Board of Education, Post 5
  • Lissa Geiger Shulman—Candidate, PA House District 30
  • Belinda Drake—Candidate, IN Senate District 32

Why Now

Amanda is building a winning Democratic campaign to turn District 49 blue. This district has been uncontested since 2006, but the time is right for new leadership. From education to healthcare to the environment, Indiana needs new perspectives, and Amanda is seeking to represent those at the statehouse.

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