Justice for Breonna Taylor

Black Lives Matter

This evening, I will head to the Equity and Inclusion Council at Goshen High School. This group, which includes administrators, educators, school board members, and parents from Goshen Community Schools is engaged in the incredibly challenging work of addressing equity in our schools and confronting systemic racism head-on.

As I sit in that group tonight, I will be thinking of Breonna Taylor. I will be thinking of the justice she has not received. Of the pain and loss that her family has endured and will continue to experience. I will also be thinking of what a crushing blow this is to all people of color, but specifically Black people, and, more specifically, young Black people.

As children and young adults, we have hopes and beliefs about the way justice works in our country and the righteousness of our systems that are not always born out by realities. To see the brokenness in those systems so starkly on display is a crushing lesson.

There is no quick and easy fix to the injustices experienced by Black Americans, but I have hope for a better tomorrow when I see people march and I hear continued calls for justice. Together, we will build the country that we all deserve. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow: Black Lives Matter.

Until justice is real,


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