He servido como miembro de la Junta de las Escuelas de la comunidad de Goshen desde 2018. Este papel es gratificante e inspirador, al servir a mi comunidad. En esta posición, he aprendido que gran parte de lo que afecta a nuestros estudiantes y maestros y a la comunidad se decide en la casa estatal, y se necesita un cambio. Quiero tener un impacto positivo en Indianápolis para los residentes del condado de Elkhart, desde la educación, hasta la atención médica, a nuestra economía y medio ambiente.

– Amanda Qualls


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Volunteer from home—Connect with your network! While we are all working to social distance, the campaign isn’t able to do things like knock doors and

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Indiana State House District 49 is situated in the eastern half of Elkhart County. It encompasses Goshen and Middlebury as well as parts of Elkhart and Millersburg. The school districts of Goshen, Concord, and Middlebury are within the bounds of the district. The district extends as far as the Michigan-Indiana state line to the north and county road 42 to the south. There are approximately 65,000 residents in the district. Additional information about the district can be found on the Statistical Atlas.

If you are unsure what district you live in, you can check your voter registration and see who is on your ballot at indianavoters.in.gov. 


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Why Now

Amanda is building a winning Democratic campaign to turn District 49 blue. This district has been uncontested since 2006, but the time is right for new leadership. From education to healthcare to the environment, Indiana needs new perspectives, and Amanda is seeking to represent those at the statehouse.

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