Honoring workers and the labor movement

Today, we celebrate Labor Day and the American labor movement. As a result of the efforts of the labor movement and countless unions, American workers experience stronger workplace safety, more reasonable hours, and better wages. Labor Day exists because of the work that has happened in the past, but there is still much to be accomplished for working families as we look into the future.

Here in Elkhart County, we are fortunate that we have a strong base of manufacturing that provides access to the middle class for many individuals and families. I know this intimately, with a family that works in all aspects of the RV industry, from line work to customer service to sales. However, we must remain vigilant that our existing businesses stay healthy and that we continue to attract new businesses and new industries to the area. We must also ensure that the businesses that we have here provide the wages, safety, and job security our dedicated workforce deserves.

As your representative, I will do all I can to support workers and to continue to bring good jobs with strong pay to District 49. As a part of that commitment, the campaign has produced a research paper on the state of emerging industries in Elkhart County and how we might encourage their future development right here, where the supply chain is strong and the workforce is skilled. From electric vehicles to other industries that make use of advanced manufacturing, we know that businesses can make it here.

Today, we celebrate our workers, and we look ahead to a future further strengthened by labor.

In solidarity,


Amanda and her late grandpa, Billy Qualls, a long-haul trucker.

Por qué ahora

Amanda está construyendo una campaña demócrata ganadora para convertir el Distrito 49 en azul. Este distrito ha sido indiscutible desde 2006, pero es el momento adecuado para un nuevo liderazgo. Desde la educación hasta la atención médica y el medio ambiente, Indiana necesita nuevas perspectivas, y Amanda está buscando representarlos en la casa estatal.

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