Nineteen years ago today

On September 11, 2001, I was an eighth grader at Goshen Middle School. The beginning of that day was typical—it was a testing day, so all of the students in eighth grade were hunkered down for ISTEP. Soon, rumblings started making their way through the student body. Something was going on, but the students didn’t know what. Then, more information trickled out. My friends and I heard that some teachers were crying.

By the end of the day, students knew what had happened, but we couldn’t grasp its significance. Over the next several days, I remember being glued to the television, feeling deep sadness and confusion. That day was tragic, and it was also scarring. Together, Americans experienced trauma, and the effects of September 11 can still be felt in our society today.

In 2020, we are also experiencing collective trauma, as lives are lost and upended during the pandemic. I know how experiencing September 11 as a young person affected me, and I’m sure that in the years to come, we will hear how this pandemic has affected our community’s young people. On this anniversary of September 11, it is important to remember that day and those we lost, but it is also a day that we can take action and create a more beautiful, peaceful, and just present.

Today, I am not asking for your dollars for my campaign, but for a local nonprofit that is doing vital work during the pandemic. The Center for Healing and Hope has provided Elkhart County with a welcoming place for affordable health care and immigrant advocacy services. In May of 2020, the Center for Healing & Hope began providing free COVID-19 testing to people without health insurance in Elkhart County. This month, the Center for Healing & Hope was designated as a state testing site, allowing the clinic to expand from eight to 35 testing hours per week, with free tests provided to all people regardless of if they have health insurance or if they are showing symptoms. 

In addition to providing COVID-19 testing, the Center continues to offer its Diabetes Alliance Program, along with immigrant advocacy services such as the Goshen Resident ID (GRID) Program and Elkhart County HOPE (Helping Our People Everywhere). Please consider making a gift to them today, in the spirit of hope and love for others.

With gratitude,


Por qué ahora

Amanda está construyendo una campaña demócrata ganadora para convertir el Distrito 49 en azul. Este distrito ha sido indiscutible desde 2006, pero es el momento adecuado para un nuevo liderazgo. Desde la educación hasta la atención médica y el medio ambiente, Indiana necesita nuevas perspectivas, y Amanda está buscando representarlos en la casa estatal.

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