In Elkhart County, we are fortunate to have a strong economic foundation in manufacturing. As we look ahead, we should lean into our existing strengths as well as build economic resilience for the future. As a representative, I would continue to support our existing industries, such as the RV industry, but I would also encourage new businesses and industries that could benefit or start-up more easily here because of the manufacturing infrastructure we already have in place. Some manufactured goods are more resilient to downturns, and we should encourage growth in those areas.
All Hoosiers must have access to high-quality healthcare and reasonably priced prescription drugs. We must also have strong systems of support for those who care for others, especially at the end of life. Public health crises, such as opioid and other drug addictions, should be addressed head-on with holistic and data-based approaches.
We must ensure that the children of District 49 have access to high-quality public education systems that are properly funded by the state. We must pay our teachers well, retaining existing talent and attracting new people to the profession. In addition to funding, we must ensure that the education policies enacted at the state level actually serve our children, and do not place unnecessary burdens upon our teachers and students without a demonstrable tie to improved outcomes.

Why Now

Amanda is building a winning Democratic campaign to turn District 49 blue. This district has been uncontested since 2006, but the time is right for new leadership. From education to healthcare to the environment, Indiana needs new perspectives, and Amanda is seeking to represent those at the statehouse.

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