Strengthen education

  • Reduce the burden of standardized testing on our students and teachers
  • Increase teacher pay to help recruit and retain teaching talent
  • Increase access to affordable broadband internet to ensure that teachers can teach and students can learn, even during times of great disruption
  • Bring equity and transparency to the public school funding formula

Reimagine justice

  • Repeal policies that criminalize poverty—end the cash bail system!
  • Create civilian-led use of force boards to add oversight to local police forces
  • Legalize marijuana and expunge criminal records of individuals previously convicted of marijuana offenses
  • Address drug addiction by keeping nonviolent drug offenders out of prison and getting them into data-based treatment programs

Support working People

  • Create a WorkShare program in Indiana
  • Amend workers compensation rules to ensure better coverage for COVID-19—or future public health emergencies
  • Remove obstructions for organized labor
  • Protect pregnant women against workplace discrimination

Enhance our economy

  • Increase the minimum wage, thereby increasing personal wealth and buying power
  • Legalize and tax marijuana
  • Invest in infrastructure—from roads and bridges to rural broadband access
  • Encourage the development of forward looking industries, such as automated and electric vehicles

Protect our environment

Improve public health & safety

  • Ensure that all Hoosiers have access to quality medical care, including family planning services, contraception, and reproductive healthcare
  • Reduce gun violence by removing loopholes in the background check process and enacting waiting periods for gun sales
  • Reduce prescription drug prices
  • Pass a meaningful and enforceable hate crimes law


All reports written by April Sellers, policy research volunteer.

Why Now

Amanda is building a winning Democratic campaign to turn District 49 blue. This district has been uncontested since 2006, but the time is right for new leadership. From education to healthcare to the environment, Indiana needs new perspectives, and Amanda is seeking to represent those at the statehouse.

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